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C.I Bananeros Unidos de Santa Marta S.A.

C.I Bananeros Unidos de Santa Marta S.A. 900031088 is a Company located in Colombia. Import Export of the next HS Codes 27.10 84.24 84.07 39.26 . More details of this Company

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CO-NIT 900031088

Telephone number +57 4300609 Fax

Address Cr 1c 22 58 of 702 Ed Bahia Centro Colombia

Activities Import Export

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Other information about the company C.I Bananeros Unidos de Santa Marta S.A.

5 imported HS Codes

27.10 Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bitum...

84.24 Mechanical appliances (whether or not hand-...

84.07 Spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary inte...

39.26 Other articles of plastics and articles of ...

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