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C.I. Mexichem Compuestos Colombia S.A. Cartagena

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CO-NIT 806007073
Address Crt Mamonal Km 8
State Cartagena Colombia

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5 imported products

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  • 1518 Animal/vegetable fats and oils chemically modified, inedbl mxt etc...
  • 2712 Petroleum jelly; paraffin wax, microcrystalline petroleum wax, slack wax, ozokerite, lignite wax, peat wax, other mineral waxes, and similar products obtained by synthesis or by other processes, whether or not coloured...
  • 2818 Artificial corundum, whether or not chemically defined; aluminium oxide; aluminium hydroxide...
  • 2823 Titanium oxides...
  • 2825 Hydrazine and hydroxylamine and their inorganic salts; other inorganic bases; other metal oxides, hydroxides and peroxides...

5 exported products

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  • 3904 Polymers of vinyl chloride or of other halogenated olefins, in primary forms...

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