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Fertilizantes Heringer S.A.

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CNPJ 22266175004256
Telephone number (14) 3302-2550 Fax 32395907
E-mail [email protected] Website www.heringer.com.br
Contact Person Antônio Chavaglia
Address Rodovia Go 174 - Km 1,5 Sai S/N
District Perimetro Urbano, PAULINIA
City RIO VERDE Goias Postal Code 75901970 Brazil
Import 2015-2009 Export

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Other offices or factories Brazil - Fertilizantes Heringer S.A.

22266175001583 MANHUACU CEP. MG
22266175005228 CUBATAO CEP. 11570000 SP
22266175001907 PAULINIA CEP. 13148189 SP
22266175001311 PAULINIA CEP. 13148906 SP
22266175003799 BEBEDOURO CEP. 14700735 SP
22266175003446 OURINHOS CEP. 19913520 SP
22266175000188 VIANA CEP. 29136900 ES
22266175002202 TRES CORACOES CEP. 37410000 MG
22266175002555 UBERABA CEP. 38040450 MG
22266175004841 PATOS DE MINAS CEP. 38706706 MG

5 imported products

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3102Mineral or chemical fertilisers, nitrogenous...
3105Mineral or chemical fertilisers containing two or three of the fertilising elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; other fertilisers; goods of this chapter in tablets or similar forms or in packages of a gross weight not exceeding 10 kg...

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