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Gh Importaciones e.U.

Gh Importaciones e.U. 900071866 is a Company located in Bogota Colombia. Import of the next HS Codes 85.04 85.17 85.07 84.73 39.26 . More details of this Company

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CO-NIT 900071866

Telephone number +57 4812685 4812685 Fax

Address Calle 9 Bis N 17 a 38
City Bogota Colombia

Activities Import

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Other information about the company Gh Importaciones e.U.

5 imported HS Codes

85.04 Electrical transformers, static converters ...

85.17 Electrical apparatus for line telephony or ...

85.07 Electric accumulators, including separators...

84.73 Parts and accessories (other than covers, c...

39.26 Other articles of plastics and articles of ...

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