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Louis Dreyfus Commodities Agroindustrial S.A.

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CNPJ 00831373005335
Telephone number +55 13 32797901
[email protected]
Contact Person Gabriel Santi
Address Avenida dos Portuarios S/N
District Estuario
City SANTOS Sao Paulo Postal Code 11020300
Country Brazil
CNAE 10.33-3-01 Manufacture of concentrated fruit juices, vegetables and legumes

Other offices or factories Brazil - Louis Dreyfus Commodities Agroindustrial S.A.

00831373003200 Santos CEP. 11020300 SP
00831373003391 Engenheiro Coelho CEP. 13165000 SP
00831373003715 Bebedouro CEP. 14707900 SP
00831373000295 Matao CEP. 15991294 SP
00831373004444 VARGINHA CEP. 37030087 MG
00831373005173 ALTO ARAGUAIA CEP. 78780000 MT
00831373007117 Paranavai CEP. 87701970 PR

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