Brazil » CRAVINHOS SP » CNAE 28.22-4-02 Manufacture of machinery, equipment and apparatus for transporting and lifting loads, parts and accessories

Paletrans Equipamentos Ltda

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CNPJ 50.770.445/0001-29
Telephone number +55 16 39519999
Address Rua Paletrans 100
District Distrito Industrial
Postal Code 14140-000
E-mail [email protected]
Import 2015-2001 Export 2015-2001
CNAE 28.22-4-02 Manufacture of machinery, equipment and apparatus for transporting and lifting loads, parts and accessories

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5 imported products

  • 7314 Cloth (including endless bands), grill, netting and fencing, of iron or steel wire; expanded metal of iron or steel...
  • 7318 Screws, bolts, nuts, coach screws, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotter-pins, washers (including spring washers) and similar articles, of iron or steel...
  • 8302 Base metal mountings, fittings and similar articles suitable for furniture, doors, staircases, windows, blinds, coachwork, saddlery, trunks, chests, caskets or the like; base metal hat-racks, hat-pegs, brackets and similar fixtures; castors with mountings...
  • 8467 Tools for working in the hand, pneumatic, hydraulic or with self-contained electric or non-electric motor...
  • 8483 Transmission shafts (including cam shafts and crank shafts) and cranks; bearing housings and plain shaft bearings; gears and gearing; ball or roller screws; gear boxes and other speed changers, including torque converters; flywheels and pulleys, including...
  • 8505 Electro-magnets; permanent magnets and articles intended to become permanent magnets after magnetisation; electromagnetic or permanent magnet chucks, clamps and similar holding devices; electromagnetic couplings, clutches and brakes; electromagnetic lifti...
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5 exported products

  • 4016 Other articles of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber...
  • 8427 Fork-lift trucks; other works trucks fitted with lifting or handling equipment...
  • 8431 Parts suitable for use solely or principally with the machinery of headings 8425 to 8430...
  • 8716 Trailers and semi-trailers; other vehicles, not mechanically propelled; parts thereof...
  • 9029 Revolution counters, production counters, taximeters, milometers, pedometers and the like; speed indicators and tachometers, other than those of heading 9014 or 9015; stroboscopes...

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