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Pat Primo Ecuador Comercializadora S.a. Pat Primo

Pat Primo Ecuador Comercializadora S.a. Pat Primo 1791253787001 is a Company located in Pichincha PICHINCHA Ecuador. Importaciones Exportaciones of the next HS Codes 60.06 52.08 . More details of this Company

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RUC 1791253787001

Telephone number +593 2806938 / 2806938 Fax

Address Panamericana Norte Km. 7 1/2 N73-41 Jose Larrea 0
City Pichincha PICHINCHA Ecuador

Activities Importaciones Exportaciones

Other offices or factories in PICHINCHA PICHINCHA
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Other information about the company Pat Primo Ecuador Comercializadora S.a. Pat Primo

5 imported HS Codes

60.06 Other knitted or crocheted fabrics...

52.08 Woven fabrics of cotton, containing 85 % ...

5 exported HS Codes

84.52 Sewing machines, other than book-sewing mac...

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Pat Primo Ecuador Comercializadora S.a. Pat Primo

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