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is a Company located in Indaiatuba SP Brazil dealing with the following activities . Import Export of the HS codes 84821090 84145190 73181900 85364900 . More details of this Company

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CNPJ 50.981.018/0020-52
Telephone number +55 DDD (11) 6489-9090/9018/9000 Fax (11) 6480-4618/6489-9009
Address Estrada Municipal Jose Rubi 205
District Caldeira
City Indaiatuba SP Brasil
Postal Code 13347510
Activities Import 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 Export 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

Other offices or factories Brazil - SEW-EURODRIVE BRASIL LTDA

50981018000190 Guarulhos CEP. 07251250 Bonsucesso (11) 6489-9090/9018/9000 SP
50981018000947 Joinville CEP. 89239270 Pirabeiraba (11) 6489-9090/9018/9000 SC

5 imported products

  • 8482 Ball or roller bearings...
  • 8414 Air or vacuum pumps, air or other gas compressors and fans; ventilating or recycling hoods incorporating a fan, whether or not fitted with filters...
  • 7318 Screws, bolts, nuts, coach screws, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotter-pins, washers (including spring washers) and similar articles, of iron or steel...
  • 8536 Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits, or for making connections to or in electrical circuits (for example, switches, relays, fuses, surge suppressors, plugs, sockets, lamp-holders, junction boxes), for a voltage not exceedi...
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5 imported products

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