Spal Industria Brasileira de Bebidas S/A

Spal Industria Brasileira de Bebidas S/A 61186888003532 is a Company located in Juiz de Fora MG Brazil dealing with the following activities . Import . More details of this Company

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CNPJ 61.186.888/0035-32

Telephone number +55 DDD (11)36596419 Fax

Address Rua Henrique Burnier 575
District Mariano Procopio
City Juiz de Fora MG Brasil
Postal Code 36080150

E-mail spa* Website

Activities Import 2011, 2010

Spal Industria Brasileira de Bebidas S/A Other offices or factories in Brazil
61186888002641 Sao Paulo CEP. 03453000 Jardim Aricanduva (11)36596419 SP
61186888000193 Sao Paulo CEP. 04675901 Jurubatuba (11)36596419 SP
61186888000274 Osasco CEP. 06276035 Pq.Ind.Agua Vermelh (11)36596419 SP
61186888000355 Moji das Cruzes CEP. 08745000 Vila Jundiai (11)36596419 SP
61186888007520 Santos CEP. 11095300 Alemoa (11)36596419 SP
61186888005748 Cosmopolis CEP. 13150000 Itapavussu (11)36596419 SP
61186888006558 Jundiai CEP. 13212240 Jardim Tannus (11)36596419 SP
61186888007953 Jundiai CEP. 13214300 Vila Hortolandia (11)36596419 SP
61186888013686 Marilia CEP. 17521900 Chacara dos Laranja (11)36596419 SP
61186888009069 Belo Horizonte CEP. 31250920 Sumare (11)36596419 MG
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