Brazil » JUNDIAI SP » CNAE 28.12-7-00 Manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, parts and accessories, other than valves


is a Company located in Jundiai SP Brazil dealing with the following activities . Import Export of the HS codes 73182900 72161000 90268000 90251990 83100000 . More details of this Company

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CNPJ 33.574.575/0019-04
Telephone number +55 (11) 4393-2000/2205 Fax (11) 4392-5600
Address Avenida Eng. Joao Fernandez 905
District Distrito Industrial
City Jundiai SP Brasil
Postal Code 13213080
Import 2015-2001 Export 2015-2001
CNAE 28.12-7-00 Manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, parts and accessories, other than valves

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33574575000177 Jundiai CEP. 13214306 Vila Hortolandia (11) 4393-2000/2205 SP

5 imported products

  • 7318 Screws, bolts, nuts, coach screws, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotter-pins, washers (including spring washers) and similar articles, of iron or steel...
  • 7216 Angles, shapes and sections of iron or non-alloy steel...
  • 9026 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level, pressure or other variables of liquids or gases (for example, flow meters, level gauges, manometers, heat meters), excluding instruments and apparatus of heading 9014, 9015, 9028 or 9032...
  • 9025 Hydrometers and similar floating instruments, thermometers, pyrometers, barometers, hygrometers and psychrometers, recording or not, and any combination of these instruments...
  • 8310 Sign-plates, name-plates, etc.of base metals, non-eletric...
  • 8310 Sign-plates, name-plates, address-plates and similar plates, numbers, letters and other symbols, of base metal, excluding those of heading 9405...
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5 exported products

  • 8413 Pumps for liquids, whether or not fitted with a measuring device; liquid elevators...
  • 8484 Gaskets and similar joints of metal sheeting combined with other material or of two or more layers of metal; sets or assortments of gaskets and similar joints, dissimilar in composition, put up in pouches, envelopes or similar packings; mechanical seals...
  • 8483 Transmission shafts (including cam shafts and crank shafts) and cranks; bearing housings and plain shaft bearings; gears and gearing; ball or roller screws; gear boxes and other speed changers, including torque converters; flywheels and pulleys, including...
  • 8537 Boards, panels, consoles, desks, cabinets and other bases, equipped with two or more apparatus of heading 8535 or 8536, for electric control or the distribution of electricity, including those incorporating instruments or apparatus of Chapter 90, and nume...
  • 6806 Slag wool, rock wool and similar mineral wools; exfoliated vermiculite, expanded clays, foamed slag and similar expanded mineral materials; mixtures and articles of heat-insulating, sound-insulating or sound-absorbing mineral materials, other than those o...

5 imported products

5 exported products



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