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Suzano Papel e Celulose S.A.

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CNPJ 16404287027517
Telephone number 11 30379131
E-mail [email protected]
Address Rua Santos Dumont 1722
District Floresta, SUZANO
City PORTO ALEGRE Rio Grande do Sul Postal Code 90230240 Brazil
Import 2015-2013, 2012 Export
CNAE 46.47-8-01 Wholesale of office supplies and stationery

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Other offices or factories Brazil - Suzano Papel e Celulose S.A.

16404287003332 SAO PAULO CEP. 01452919 SP
16404287011602 SAO PAULO CEP. 04182000 SP
16404287016825 EMBU CEP. 06803000 SP
16404287004738 SUZANO CEP. 08613900 SP
16404287004495 SUZANO CEP. 08690010 SP
16404287003685 CAMPINAS CEP. 13082270 SP
16404287015691 LIMEIRA CEP. 13486199 SP
16404287011270 RIO DE JANEIRO CEP. 21040170 RJ
16404287034211 SERRA CEP. 29168090 ES
16404287001399 MUCURI CEP. 45930000 BA

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