Usina da Barra S/a - Acucar e Alcool

Usina da Barra S/a - Acucar e Alcool 48661888000997 is a Company located in Barra Bonita SP Brazil dealing with the following activities . Import . More details of this Company

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CNPJ 48.661.888/0009-97

Telephone number +55 DDD (0xx14) 3641-2000 Fax (0xx14) 3641-2000

Address Fazenda Pau D'Alho S/N
District Zona Rural
City Barra Bonita SP Brasil
Postal Code 17340000

E-mail COS**@COSAN.COM.BR Website

Activities Import 2007, 2006


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Usina da Barra S/a - Acucar e Alcool Other offices or factories in Brazil
48661888000130 Piracicaba CEP. 13411900 Costa Pinto (0xx14) 3641-2000 SP
48661888001020 Dois Corregos CEP. 17300000 Zona Rural (0xx14) 3641-2000 SP
48661888000997 Barra Bonita CEP. 17340000 Zona Rural (0xx14) 3641-2000 SP

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