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Vidrieria Argentina Sociedad Anonima

Vidrieria Argentina Sociedad Anonima 3050083408 is a Company located in LLAVALLOL Argentina. Import Export of the next HS Codes 70.05 39.20 28.36 32.08 38.24 . More details of this Company

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CUIT 3050083408

Telephone number +54 4239-5000 Fax

Address Avenida Ant.Argentina y B 399
City LLAVALLOL Argentina

Activities Import Export

Other offices or factories in LLAVALLOL
Bridgestone/Firestone de Argentina S.a.I.C. 4298-0031
Vidrieria Argentina Sociedad Anonima 4239-5000
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R.a.a.M. S.R.L.(Refineria Aceites Minerales) 4298-8000
Panelcar Internacional S.L. 4298-8555
Straplas S A 4298-4219
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Other information about the company Vidrieria Argentina Sociedad Anonima

5 imported HS Codes

70.05 Float glass and surface ground or polished ...

39.20 Other plates, sheets, film, foil and strip,...

28.36 Carbonates; peroxocarbonates (percarbonates...

32.08 Paints and varnishes (including enamels and...

38.24 Prepared binders for foundry moulds or core...

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