Section 39.26

Plastics and articles thereof ... Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials of headings 3901 to 3914...

Importers (buyers) or exporters (sellers)

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Lxm Srl. Import
Poka S.A. Import
El Brujo S.R.L. Import
The Faraway Co. S.A. Import
South W Group S.A. Import
Algodonera Avellaneda S.A. Import Export
Grabacor S.A. Import
Berwain S.R.L. Import Export
Vda-Calzados y Articulos Deportivos S.A. Import
Metalurgica Lumtec S.A. Export


Copijsud Import Export
Ormel Import Ltda.. Import
Hurtado Peredo Cecilia/Hp Medical Import
Hipermaxi S.A. Import
Imba S.A. Import Export
Corimex Ltda.. Import Export
Pereira Rios David/ Kendracar Import
Velasco Medina Wolfi Enzo/ Dvc Imp Import
3m Chile S.A. Sucursal Bolivia Import Export
Pil Andina S.A. Import Export


Sunset do Brasil Comercio, Importação e Exportação Ltda Import Export
Kanjiko do Brasil Indústria Automotiva Ltda. Import Export
Macedo Agroindustrial Ltda. Import Export
Conexport Importação e Exportação Eireli Import Export
Crocs Brasil Comércio de Calcados Ltda. Import Export
Nb Maquinas Ltda Import Export
Coopershoes - Cooperativa de Trabalho e Indústria de Ca Import Export
Petronas Lubrificantes Brasil S.A. Import Export
America Alimentos Eireli Import Export
Lear do Brasil Indústria e Comércio de Interiores Autom Import Export


Comercial Chileno Britanica S.A. Import
Importadora Fuyun Ltda. Import
Electro Andina Ltda Import Export
Ingenieria Ikusi Chile Limitada Import
Chocolates del Mundo S.A. Import
Gundra M. Loewer Gerbracht Import
Agricola Van Tulip Limitada Import
Virutex Ilko S.A. Import Export
Ingal Ingenieria Ltda. Import Export
Treck S.A. Import Export

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