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Telephone number: (+595 #) Fax ID 3161075

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Country: Paraguay

Activities: Import.

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Until 5 products (HS CODES) imported

link 29.29 39072039 Organic chemicals Compounds with other nitrogen function

link 72.17 29291021 Iron and steel Wire of iron or non-alloy steel

link 58.11 72171090 Special woven fabrics; tufted textile fabrics; lace, tapestries; trimmings; embroidery Quilted textile products in the piece

link 54.07 58110000 Man-made filaments Woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn, including woven fabrics obtained from materials of heading 5404

link 55.16 54077300 Man-made staple fibers Woven fabrics of artificial staple fibres

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