Sector 11, Agriculture, animal breeding and production, forestry, fishing and hunting

0111 Soybean growing

0112 Rice growing

0113 Tomato growing

0114 Sugar cane growing

0115 Tobacco growing

0116 Cotton growing

0119 Floriculture in open fields

0121 Grape growing

0122 Banana growing

0123 Orange growing

0124 Apple growing

0127 Coffee growing

0128 Chili growing

0129 Tree growing with a productive cycle of ten years or less

0130 Other non-food products grown in greenhouses and nurseries

0141 Cattle raising for meat production

0142 Equine raising

0144 Goat raising

0145 Cattle raising for other purposes

0146 Pig raising in backyards

0149 Apiculture

0150 Agricultural activities combined with animal production

0161 Crop dusting or spraying services

0163 Cotton ginning

0170 Hunting and trapping

0210 Silviculture

0220 Gathering of forest products

0240 Services related to forestry

0311 Shrimp fishing

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