Sector 31, Manufacturing

0311 Seafood preparation and packaging

0893 Seasoning and dressing manufacturing

1010 Stews and prepared meals freezing

1030 Flour manufacturing from other agricultural products

1040 Edible vegetable fats and oil manufacturing

1050 Fluid milk manufacturing

1061 Rice milling, cleaning, and polish

1062 Starch and other starch products manufacturing

1071 Industrial baking

1072 Cane sugar manufacturing

1074 Stews and prepared meals preserving by processes other than freezing

1079 Coffee processing (cleaning, pulp removal, and drying)

1080 Animal food manufacturing

1101 Manufacturing of alcoholic beverages from grapes

1102 Pulque manufacturing

1103 Malt manufacturing

1104 Soft drinks and other nonalcoholic beverages manufacturing

1200 Tobacco processing (leaf drying, deveining and sorting)

1311 Natural hard fibers preparation and spinning

1312 Broadwoven fabrics manufacturing

1313 Textile products finishing

1391 Knitted fabrics manufacturing

1392 Cut and sew curtains, linen and similar products manufacturing

1393 Carpets and rugs manufacturing

1394 Nets and other cordage products manufacturing

1399 Narrow woven fabrics and passementerie manufacturing

1410 Cut and sew fur, leather and allied materials apparel manufacturing

1430 Knitted socks and hosiery manufacturing

1511 Leather and hide tanning and finishing

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