Sector 56, Business support services, waste management and remediation services

3700 Nonhazardous waste management and remediation services for areas damaged by non-hazardous waste

3812 Hazardous waste management and remediation services for areas damaged by hazardous materials or waste

4390 Other cleaning services

7810 Employment agencies

7820 Temporary employment agencies

7830 Permanent personnel supply

7911 Travel agencies

7912 Excursion and tour arrangement for travel agencies

7990 Other reservation services

8010 Investigation, protection and custody services, except by monitoring

8020 Protection and custody services by security systems monitoring

8110 Facilities support services

8121 Building cleaning services

8129 Exterminating and pest control services

8130 Landscape installing and maintenance services

8211 Business administration services

8219 Document preparation services

8220 Telephone booth services

8230 Convention, trade and industrial show organizers

8291 Collection agencies

8292 Packaging and labeling services

8299 Other secretarial support and similar services

9601 Upholstery, carpet and furniture cleaning services


Detailed information system detailing the operations of the imports and exports made by companies,customs reports by HS Code or Company Name, and databases of more than 30 Countries.

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