05 Coal mineral extraction

This division includes the extraction of solid mineral fuels through underground or open-cast mining and includes operations (e.g. grading, cleaning, compressing and other steps necessary for transportation etc.) leading to a marketable product.
This division does not include coking (see 19.10), services incidental to coal or lignite mining (see 09.90) or the manufacture of briquettes (see 19.20).

06 Oil and natural gas extraction

This division includes the production of crude petroleum, the mining and extraction of oil from oil shale and oil sands and the production of natural gas and recovery of hydrocarbon liquids. This division includes the activities of operating and/or developing oil and gas field properties. Such activities may include drilling, completing and equipping wells; operating separators, emulsion breakers, desalting equipment and field gathering lines for crude petroleum; and all other activities in the preparation of oil and gas up to the point of shipment from the producing property.
This division excludes: - oil and gas field services, performed on a fee or contract basis, see 09.10 - oil and gas well exploration, see 09.10 - test drilling and boring, see 09.10 - refining of petroleum products, see 19.20 - geophysical, geologic and seismic surveying, see 71.12

07 Iron ore extraction

This division includes mining for metallic minerals (ores), performed through underground or open-cast extraction, seabed mining etc.
This division also includes: - ore dressing and beneficiating operations, such as crushing, grinding, washing, drying, sintering, calcining or leaching ore, gravity separation or flotation operations
This division excludes: - roasting of iron pyrites, see 20.13 - production of aluminium oxide, see 24.42 - operation of blast furnaces, see division 24

08 Stone extraction, sand and clay

This division includes extraction from a mine or quarry, but also dredging of alluvial deposits, rock crushing and the use of salt marshes. The products are used most notably in construction (e.g. sands, stones etc.), manufacture of materials (e.g. clay, gypsum, calcium etc.), manufacture of chemicals etc.
This division does not include processing (except crushing, grinding, cutting, cleaning, drying, sorting and mixing) of the minerals extracted.

09 Support activities for oil and natural gas extraction

This division includes specialised support services incidental to mining provided on a fee or contract basis. It includes exploration services through traditional prospecting methods such as taking core samples and making geological observations as well as drilling, test-drilling or redrilling for oil wells, metallic and non-metallic minerals. Other typical services cover building oil and gas well foundations, cementing oil and gas well casings, cleaning, bailing and swabbing oil and gas wells, draining and pumping mines, overburden removal services at mines, etc.


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