49 Rail and subway-railroad

This division includes the transport of passengers and freight via road and rail, as well as freight transport via pipelines.

50 Maritime cabotage and long haul

This group includes the transport of passengers on vessels designed for operating on sea or coastal waters.
Also included is the transport of passengers on great lakes etc. when similar types of vessels are used.

51 Air passengers

This division includes the transport of passengers or freight by air or via space.
This division excludes: - crop spraying, see 01.61 - repair and maintenance of aircraft or aircraft engines, see 33.16 - operation of airports, see 52.23 - aerial advertising (sky-writing), see 73.11 - aerial photography, see 74.20

52 Storage, loading and unloading

This division includes warehousing and support activities for transportation, such as operating of transport infrastructure (e.g. airports, harbours, tunnels, bridges, etc.), the activities of transport agencies and cargo handling.

53 Mail activities

This division includes postal and courier activities, such as pickup, transport and delivery of letters and parcels under various arrangements.
Local delivery and messenger services are also included.


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