90 Artistic activities, creative and shows

This group includes activities in the creative and performing arts and related activities.

91 Activities related to the cultural heritage and environmental

This division includes the activities of libraries and archives; the operation of museums of all kinds, botanical and zoological gardens; the operation of historical sites and nature reserves activities.
It also includes the preservation and exhibition of objects, sites and natural wonders of historical, cultural or educational interest (e.g. world heritage sites, etc).
This division excludes: - sports and amusement and recreation activities such as the operation of bathing beaches and recreation parks, see division 93

92 Exploration activities of gambling and betting

This division includes the operation of gambling facilities such as casinos, bingo halls and video gaming terminals and the provision of gambling services, such as lotteries and off-track betting.

93 Sport activities

This group includes the operation of sports facilities; activities of sports teams or clubs primarily participating in live sports events before a paying audience; independent athletes engaged in participating in live sporting or racing events before a paying audience; owners of racing participants such as cars, dogs, horses, etc. primarily engaged in entering them in racing events or other spectator sports events; sports trainers providing specialised services to support participants in sports events or competitions; operators of arenas and stadiums; other activities of organising, promoting or managing sports events, n.e.c.


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