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Bimbo do Brasil Ltda

CNPJ 35402759004768
Telephone number +55 31 39118711+55 Fax 39118711

Website www.grupobimbo.com.br
Address Rua Americo Santiago Piacen 516
District Cinco, SAO PAULO
City CONTAGEM Minas Gerais Postal Code 32010030
CNAE 10.91-1-01 Manufacturing industrial bakery products

Other offices or factories Brazil - Bimbo do Brasil Ltda

Bimbo do Brasil Ltda Sao Paulo CNPJ 35402759000185 CEP. 05560900 SP
Bimbo do Brasil Ltda Mogi das Cruzes CNPJ 35402759005900 CEP. 08770000 SP
Bimbo do Brasil Ltda Rio de Janeiro CNPJ 35402759001580 CEP. 20766720 RJ
Bimbo do Brasil Ltda SERRA CNPJ 35402759005497 CEP. 29168081 ES
Bimbo do Brasil Ltda SALVADOR CNPJ 35402759000347 CEP. 41290658 BA
Bimbo do Brasil Ltda Jaboatao dos Guararapes CNPJ 35402759000690 CEP. 54345160 PE
Bimbo do Brasil Ltda Brasilia CNPJ 35402759004920 CEP. 72549550 DF
Bimbo do Brasil Ltda Gravatai CNPJ 35402759005810 CEP. 94075500 RS

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