Foreign trade statistical data


  1. Check monthly target market analysis of your competition and / or suppliers. Statistical analysis, reporting products, prices and more.
  2. You can get all the operations of Imports and Exports.
  3. Research your competition precisely, customers and / or suppliers. and potential threats.
  4. More profitable business
  5. Find out where to invest your money in hundreds of different markets, and find the most complete and detailed commercial database of America.
  6. Determine the actual position of your company in the market.
  7. Detailed knowledge of importers, exporters, Markets, Products, Prices, Suppliers, Brands, tariffs, and more.
  8. Buyers (Importers) and Sellers (Exporters) of the region

This information system is the most complete in America of the Custom of over 40 countries, with hundreds of thousands of monthly records and billions of transactions annually of imports and exports of more than 9000 different products,

customized studies on-line and Excel reports, updated regularly, Imports and Exports customs operations,Competitors, customers and suppliers.
The most comprehensive commercial database with Opportunities and potential threats, More profitable business, importers & Exporters, Markets, Products, Prices, Suppliers and consignees, Manufacturers, and more.

Useful for importers and exporters

  • Enquiry by Product (HS Code)
  • On-line system enquiry or reports
  • Company name, country of origin/destination, arrival/departure customs, transportation
  • Possibility of performing combined enquiries (more than one product, more than one company, Month, Origin/Destination Country, etc.)
  • Record per good: analysis by product/company within a 15-year period.
  • Result of your Regional Enquiries: list of the importer or exporter companies by product of the Region.
  • Possibility to download the result of you enquiry in World and Excel.
  • Phone support, e-mail, Skype, Whatsapp and a network of representatives in the major countries of the region.


  • Customized studies on-line and Excel reports, updated regularly
  • Detailed information system about imports and exports made by companies. This system, available to businesses around the world, delivering precisely all movements recorded of foreign trade made
  • The Service consists of an annual subscription to the website, and includes a private access key to the system of searches and databases of imports and exports of the countries contracted by the client, most updated monthly.
  • The information provided corresponds mainly to the customs declarations submitted by companies to customs service.

* IMPORTANT: The degree of information that he have depend of each country and in all cases is 100% official. Are not the same breadth of information and the update of each country.