Section XIII: Articles of Stone, Plaster, Cement…Glass and Glassware


6801 setts, curbstones and flagstones, of nat st ex salt
6802 worked monument etc stone & art nesoi, granule etc
6803 slate, worked and articles, articles of agglomerated salt
6804 millstones etc for grinding etc, various materials
6805 abrasive powder etc on a base of text material etc
6806 mineral wools, expanded mineral material & mixture
6807 articles of asphalt or of similar material
6808 panels boards etc o veg fbr ag w cmnt plstr etc bndrs
6809 articles of plaster or items based on plaster
6810 articles of cement, concrete or artificial stone
6811 articles of asbestos-cement, cell fib cement etc
6812 fabricated asbestos fibers, items of mixtures etc
6813 friction material & art based on mineral subst etc
6814 worked mica & articles support on paper etc or not
6815 articles of stone or other mineral substance nesoi


6901 bricks, blocks, tiles & other ceramic goods slcs earth
6902 refractory bricks & other refr ceramic const art nesoi
6903 refractory ceramic goods, retorts, tubes etc nesoi
6904 ceramic building bricks, flooring blocks, tile etc
6905 roofing tiles, chimney pots, cowls, ch liners etc
6906 ceramic pipes, conduits, guttering & pipe fittings
6907 unglazed ceramic flags & paving, hearth tiles etc
6908 glazed ceramic flags & paving, hearth tiles, etc
6909 ceramic lab etc wares, agr tubs etc & packing art
6910 ceramic sinks, washbasins, water closet bowls etc
6911 ceramic tableware etc. of porcelain or china
6912 ceramic tableware, kitchenware etc, earthenware etc
6913 statuettes and other ornamental ceramic articles
6914 ceramic articles nesoi


7001 cullet & other waste & scrap glass, glass in mass
7002 glass in balls (not micros), rods or tubes, unwork
7003 cast & rolled glass, in sheets or profiles etc
7004 drawn & blown glass, in sheets etc
7005 float glass & surf ground or polished sheets etc
7006 glass of 7003-5 bnt, edg wkd, engr, drl, enml othr etc
7007 safety glass, of tempered or laminated glass
7008 multiple-walled insulating units of glass
7009 glass mirrors, framed or not, inc rearview mirrors
7010 glass containers for packing etc & glass closures
7011 glass envelopes, open il glass parts etc
7012 glass inners for vacuum flasks & other vacuum vessels
7013 glassware for table, kitchen, toilet etc use nesoi
7014 signal glassware & glass optic elem nesoi not wrkd
7015 clock etc glasses, spectacle glasses not opt work, etc
7016 glass paving blocks etc, glass cubes, lead window etc
7017 glassware for lab, hygienic or pharmaceutical use
7018 glass beads etc & articles nesoi, lamp wrkd-glass orn
7019 glass fibers & articles thereof (yarn etc.)
7020 articles of glass, nesoi