Section XV: Base Metals and Articles of Base Metal

1. This section does not cover:
(a) Prepared paints, inks or other products with a basis of metallic flakes or powder (headings 3207 to 3210, 3212, 3213 or 3215);
(b) Ferrocerium or other pyrophoric alloys (heading 3606);
(c) Headgear or parts thereof of heading 6506 or 6507;
(d) Umbrella frames or other articles of heading 6603;
(e) Goods of chapter 71 (for example, precious metal alloys, base metal clad with precious metal, imitation jewelry);
(f) Articles of section XVI (machinery, mechanical appliances and electrical goods);
(g) Assembled railway or tramway track (heading 8608) or other articles of section XVII (vehicles, ships and boats, aircraft);
(h) Instruments or apparatus of section XVIII, including clock or watch springs;
(ij) Lead shot prepared for ammunition (heading 9306) or other articles of section XIX (arms and ammunition);
(k) Articles of chapter 94 (for example, furniture, mattress supports, lamps and lighting fittings, illuminated signs, prefabricated
(l) Articles of chapter 95 (for example, toys, games, sports equipment);
(m) Hand sieves, buttons, pens, pencil-holders, pen nibs or other articles of chapter 96 (miscellaneous manufactured articles); or
(n) Articles of chapter 97 (for example, works of art).
2. Throughout the tariff schedule, the expression “parts of general use” means:
(a) Articles of heading 7307, 7312, 7315, 7317 or 7318 and similar articles of other base metals;
(b) Springs and leaves for springs, of base metal, other than clock or watch springs (heading 9114); and
(c) Articles of heading 8301, 8302, 8308 or 8310 and frames and mirrors, of base metal, of heading 8306.
In chapters 73 to 76 and 78 to 82 (but not in heading 7315) references to parts of goods do not include references to parts of general
use as defined above.
Subject to the preceding paragraph and to note 1 to chapter 83, the articles of chapter 82 or 83 are excluded from chapters 72 to 76 and
78 to 81.
3. Throughout the schedule, the expression “base metals” means: iron and steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, tungsten
(wolfram), molybdenum, tantalum, magnesium, cobalt, bismuth, cadmium, titanium, zirconium, antimony, manganese, beryllium,
chromium, germanium, vanadium, gallium, hafnium, indium, niobium (columbium), rhenium and thallium.
4. Throughout the schedule, the term “cermets” means products containing a microscopic heterogeneous combination of a metallic
component and a ceramic component. The term “cermets” includes sintered metal carbides (metal carbides sintered with a metal).
5. Classification of alloys (other than ferroalloys and master alloys as defined in chapters 72 and 74):
(a) An alloy of base metals is to be classified as an alloy of the metal which predominates by weight over each of the other metals.
(b) An alloy composed of base metals of this section and of elements not falling within this section is to be treated as an alloy of base
metals of this section if the total weight of such metals equals or exceeds the total weight of the other elements present.
(c) In this section the term “alloys” includes sintered mixtures of metal powders, heterogeneous intimate mixtures obtained by melting
(other than cermets) and intermetallic compounds.
6. Unless the context otherwise requires, any reference in the tariff schedule to a base metal includes a reference to alloys which, by virtue
of note 5 above, are to be classified as alloys of that metal.
7. Classification of composite articles:
Except where the headings otherwise require, articles of base metal (including articles of mixed materials treated as articles of base
metal under the General Rules of Interpretation) containing two or more base metals are to be treated as articles of the base metal
predominating by weight over each of the other metals. For this purpose:
(a) Iron and steel, or different kinds of iron or steel, are regarded as one and the same metal;
(b) An alloy is regarded as being entirely composed of that metal as an alloy of which, by virtue of note 5, it is classified; and
(c) A cermet of heading 8113 is regarded as a single base metal.
8. In this section, the following expressions have the meanings hereby assigned to them:
(a) Waste and scrap
Metal waste and scrap from the manufacture or mechanical working of metals, and metal goods definitely not usable as such
because of breakage, cutting-up, wear or other reasons.
(b) Powders
Products of which 90 percent or more by weight passes through a sieve having a mesh aperture of 1 mm.
Additional U.S. Note
1. For the purposes of this section, the term “unwrought” refers to metal, whether or not refined, in the form of ingots, blocks, lumps, billets,
cakes, slabs, pigs, cathodes, anodes, briquettes, cubes, sticks, grains, sponge, pellets, flattened pellets, rounds, rondelles, shot and
similar manufactured primary forms, but does not cover rolled, forged, drawn or extruded products, tubular products or cast or sintered
forms which have been machined or processed otherwise than by simple trimming, scalping or descaling.


7201 pig iron & spiegeleisen in pigs, blocks etc.
7202 ferroalloys
7203 spongy ferrous prod & iron 99.94% pure, lumps etc
7204 ferrous waste & scrap, remelt scrap iron/steel ingot
7205 pig iron, spiegel, iron or steel granules & powder
7206 iron & nonalloy steel in ingots etc nesoi
7207 semifinished products of iron or nonalloy steel
7208 flat-roll iron & na steel n/un600mm wd hot-rl, not clad
7209 flat-roll iron & na steel n/un600mm wd cold-rl, no clad
7210 flat-roll iron & na steel n/un600mm wd, clad etc
7211 flat-roll iron & na steel un 600mm wd, not clad etc
7212 flat-roll iron & na steel un 600mm wd, clad etc
7213 bars & rods, iron & na steel, h-r irreg coils
7214 bars & rods, iron & na steel nesoi, h-r etc
7215 bars & rods, iron & na steel nesoi
7216 angles, shapes & sections of iron & nonalloy steel
7217 wire of iron & nonalloy steel
7218 stainless steel in ingots etc & semifin products
7219 flat-roll stainless steel products, not und 600mm wide
7220 flat-roll stainless steel products, under 600mm wide
7221 bars and rods, stainless steel, hot-rolled, irreg coils
7222 bars & rods, st steel nesoi, angles etc, st steel
7223 wire of stainless steel
7224 alloy steel nesoi in ingots, other primary form & semif pr
7225 flat-roll alloy steel nesoi n/un 600mm wide
7226 flat-roll alloy steel nesoi un 600mm wide
7227 bars & rods alloy steel nesoi, hot-rolled irreg coils
7228 alloy steel nesoi bars, angles etc, hol dr st bars etc
7229 wire of alloy steel nesoi


7301 sheet piling, welded angles etc of iron or steel
7302 railway etc track construction material, iron & steel
7303 tubes, pipes and hollow profiles of cast iron
7304 tubes, pipes etc, seamless, iron nesoi & steel
7305 tubes & pipes nesoi, ext dia ov406-4mm, iron & steel
7306 tubes, pipes & hollow profiles nesoi, iron & steel
7307 tube or pipe fittings, of iron or steel
7308 structures nesoi & parts thereof, of iron or steel
7309 tanks etc, over 300 liter capacity, iron or steel
7310 tanks etc, n/ov 300 liter capacity, iron or steel
7311 containers for compressed or liquified gas
7312 stranded wire, ropes etc, no elec ins, iron or steel
7313 barbed wire and twisted wire for fencing, iron/steel
7314 cloth, grill etc iron or steel, expand metal, iron or steel
7315 chain & parts, of iron or steel
7316 anchors, grapnels and parts thereof, of iron/steel
7317 nails, tacks, drawing pins etc of iron or steel
7318 screws, bolts, nuts, washers etc, iron or steel
7319 needles, sew & knit, bodkins etc, pins etc iron & steel
7320 springs & leaves for springs, iron or steel
7321 stoves, ranges etc, nonel domestic & parts, iron & steel
7322 radiators, air heaters etc, nonel & parts, iron & steel
7323 household articles & parts, iron & st, ir or steel wool etc
7324 sanitary ware & parts, iron or steel
7325 cast articles nesoi, of iron or steel
7326 articles of iron or steel, nesoi


7401 copper mattes, cement copper (precipitated copper)
7402 unrefined copper, copper anodes for electrolytic refining
7403 refined copper & alloys (no mast alloy), unwrought
7404 copper waste and scrap
7405 master alloys of copper
7406 copper powders and flakes
7407 copper bars, rods and profiles
7408 copper wire
7409 copper plates, sheets & strip, over 0.15mm thick
7410 copper foil (backed or not) n/ov .15mm th (ex back)
7411 copper tubes and pipes
7412 copper tube or pipe fittings
7413 stranded wire, cables etc of copper, not elec ins
7414 cloth, grill & net of copper wire, expand copper metal
7415 nails, tacks etc of copper etc, screws etc, copper
7416 copper springs
7417 cooking & heating ap domestic n-elctrc a pts thf copper
7418 household art & parts, copper, pot scourers etc, copper
7419 articles of copper nesoi


7501 nickel mattes, nickel oxide sinters, other int prod
7502 nickel, unwrought
7503 nickel waste and scrap
7504 nickel powders and flakes
7505 nickel bars, rods, profiles and wire
7506 nickel plates, sheets, strip and foil
7507 nickel tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings
7508 articles of nickel, nesoi


7601 aluminum, unwrought
7602 aluminum waste and scrap
7603 aluminum powders and flakes
7604 aluminum bars, rods and profiles
7605 aluminum wire
7606 aluminum plates, sheets & strip over 2mm thick
7607 aluminum foil (back or not) n/ov 2mm th (ex back)
7608 aluminum tubes and pipes
7609 aluminum tube or pipe fittings
7610 aluminum structures nesoi (no prefab) & parts of
7611 tanks etc, over 300 liter capacity, aluminum
7612 aluminum casks, cans etc n/ov 300 liter capacity
7613 aluminum containers for compressed or liquefied gas
7614 stranded wire, cables etc, aluminum, no elec insul
7615 household art etc, pot scour etc, san ware, aluminum
7616 articles of aluminum nesoi


7801 lead, unwrought
7802 lead waste and scrap
7803 lead bars, rods, profiles and wire
7804 lead plates, sheets, strip, foil, powder & flakes
7805 lead pipes & tubes incl fittings therefor
7806 articles of lead, nesoi


7901 zinc, unwrought
7902 zinc waste and scrap
7903 zinc dust, powders and flakes
7904 zinc bars, rods, profiles and wire
7905 zinc plates, sheet, strip and foil
7906 zinc tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings
7907 articles of zinc nesoi


8001 tin, unwrought
8002 tin waste and scrap
8003 tin bars, rods, profiles and wire
8004 tin plates, sheet and strip over 0.2mm thick
8005 tin foil (backed or not), n/ov .2mm, tin pow & flak
8006 tin tubes and pipes including pipe & tube fittings
8007 articles of tin, nesoi


8101 tungsten (wolfram) & articles, incl waste & scrap
8102 molybdenum & articles thereof, incl waste & scrap
8103 tantalum & articles thereof, includ waste & scrap
8104 magnesium & articles thereof, incl waste & scrap
8105 cobalt mattes etc, cobalt & art, inc waste & scrap
8106 bismuth & articles, incld waste and scrap
8107 cadmium & articles thereof, includ waste & scrap
8108 titanium & articles thereof, includ waste & scrap
8109 zirconium & articles thereof, includ waste & scrap
8110 antimony and articles thereof incl waste and scrap
8111 manganese and articles thereof, inc waste and scrap
8112 beryllium, chromium, germ, vanad, gallium, hafnm, etc
8113 cermets and articles thereof, inc waste and scrap


8201 handtools & tools used in agricult etc, b met pts
8202 handsaws & metal pts, saw blades, base mtl saw parts
8203 files, rasps, pliers, metalcut shears etc, b mt pt
8204 hand operated spanners & wrenches etc, b met parts
8205 handtools nesoi, blow torches etc, anvils etc
8206 tools of 2 om of hdg 8202-8205, sets for retail sale
8207 interchange tools for hand- or machine-tools, bmpt
8208 knives & blades for machines & appliances, b mt pt
8209 plates, sticks, tips etc f tools unmntd sntrd crbds/crmts
8210 hand-op mech appl 10kg or less, food/drk prp/con/srv pt
8211 knives with blades & blades for knives nesoi, bmpt
8212 razors & razor blades (incl blade blanks), b mt pt
8213 scissors, tailors & smlr shears, blds a oth bs mtl pas
8214 articles of cutlery nesoi, manicure sets etc, bmpt
8215 tableware etc of base metal, & base metal parts


8301 padlocks, locks & keys & parts, of base metal
8302 hardware, fixtures, castors etc & parts, base metal
8303 safes, cash or deed boxes etc & parts, base metal
8304 office and desk equip & parts, of base metal
8305 looseleaf binder etc fittings, paper cups etc bmp
8306 lls etc (nonelec), ornaments, ph frames etc bmpt
8307 flexible tubing of base metal
8308 clasps, buckles, hooks etc, beads & spangles, b metal
8309 stoppers, caps & lids, seals etc & pas, base metal
8310 sign & name plates & smbls et bm excpt of hdg 9405
8311 wire, rods etc for soldering etc & met spray, bmpt