Section XVII: Vehicles, Aircraft, Vessels and Associated Transport Equipment

Notes 1. This section does not cover articles of heading 9503 or 9508, or sleds, bobsleds, toboggans or the like of heading 9506. 2. The expressions “parts” and “parts and accessories” do not apply to the following articles, whether or not they are identifiable as for the goods of this section: (a) Joints, washers or the like of any material (classified according to their constituent material or in heading 8484) or other articles of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber (heading 4016); (b) Parts of general use, as defined in note 2 to section XV, of base metal (section XV) or similar goods of plastics (chapter 39); (c) Articles of chapter 82 (tools); (d) Articles of heading 8306; (e) Machines or apparatus of headings 8401 to 8479, or parts thereof; articles of heading 8481 or 8482 or, provided they constitute integral parts of engines or motors, articles of heading 8483; (f) Electrical machinery or equipment (chapter 85); (g) Articles of chapter 90; (h) Articles of chapter 91; (ij) Arms (chapter 93); (k) Lamps or lighting fittings of heading 9405; or (l) Brushes of a kind used as parts of vehicles (heading 9603). 3. References in chapters 86 to 88 to “parts” or “accessories” do not apply to parts or accessories which are not suitable for use solely or principally with the articles of those chapters. A part or accessory which answers to a description in two or more of the headings of those chapters is to be classified under that heading which corresponds to the principal use of that part or accessory. 4. For the purposes of this section: (a) Vehicles specially constructed to travel on both road and rail are classified under the appropriate heading of chapter 87; (b) Amphibious motor vehicles are classified under the appropriate heading of chapter 87; (c) Aircraft specially constructed so that they can also be used as road vehicles are classified under the appropriate heading of chapter 88. 5. Air-cushion vehicles are to be classified within this section with the vehicles to which they are most akin as follows: (a) In chapter 86 if designed to travel on a guide-track (hovertrains); (b) In chapter 87 if designed to travel over land or over both land and water; (c) In chapter 89 if designed to travel over water, whether or not able to land on beaches or landing-stages or also able to travel over ice. Parts and acessories of air-cushion vehicles are to be classified in the same way as those of vehicles of the heading in which the air-cushion vehicles are classified under the above provisions. Hovertrain track fixtures and fittings are to be classified as railway track fixtures and fittings, and signalling, safety or traffic control equipment for hovertrain transport systems as signalling, safety or traffic control equipment for railways. 86 RAILWAY OR TRAMWAY LOCOMOTIVES, ROLLING STOCK, TRACK FIXTURES & FITTINGS, SIGNALS 8601 rail locomotives, elect (battery or extern source) 8602 rail locomotives, nonelect nesoi, locomot tenders 8603 self propelled railway etc coaches, vans etc nesoi 8604 railway or tramway maintenance or service vehicles 8605 railway, tramway pass etc coaches not self-propelled 8606 railway or tramway freight cars, not self-propelled 8607 parts of railway or tramway locomotives or r stock 8608 railway fixtures, mech signaling, safety, etc, eq 8609 containers for one or more modes of transport 87 VEHICLES OTHER THAN RAILWAY OR TRAMWAY ROLLING STOCK 8701 tractors (other than works trucks) of heading 8709 8702 public-transport type passenger motor vehicles 8703 motor cars & vehicles for transporting persons 8704 motor vehicles for transport of goods 8705 special purpose motor vehicles nesoi 8706 chassis w eng for trac, mtr veh f pass/gd & special pur 8707 bodies (including cabs), for specific motor vehicles 8708 parts & access for motor vehicles (head 8701-8705 8709 works trucks, self-prop, no lift, stat tractors, pt 8710 tank & other armored fight vehicle, motorized, and parts 8711 motorcycles (incl mopeds) & cycles with aux motor 8712 bicycles & other cycles (inc del tricycle) no motor 8713 invalid carriages, mechanically propelled or not 8714 parts & access for cycles & invalid carriages 8715 baby carriages (inc strollers) and parts thereof 8716 trailers etc, other vehicles, not mech propelled, pt 88 AIRCRAFT, SPACECRAFT, & PARTS THEREOF 8801 balloons & dirigibles, gliders etc 8802 aircraft, powered, spacecraft & launch vehicles 8803 parts of balloons etc, aircraft, spacecraft etc 8804 parachutes (including dirigible parachutes) rotoch 8805 aircraft launch gear, deck-arrest, grd flying trainers, pt 89 SHIPS, BOATS, & FLOATING STRUCTURES 8901 vessels for the transport of persons or goods 8902 fishing vessels, factory ships & ships, vessels, nesoi 8903 yachts & other vessels for pleas etc, row boat etc 8904 tugs and pusher craft 8905 light-vessels, fire-floats etc, fl docks & platforms 8906 vessels nesoi incl warship/lifeboat ex row boats 8907 floating structures nesoi, rafts, tanks, buoys etc 8908 vessels and floating structures for scrapping