Section VI: Products of the Chemical or Allied Industries


1. (a) Goods (other than radioactive ores) answering to a description in heading 2844 or 2845 are to be classified in those headings and in no other heading of the tariff schedule.
(b) Subject to paragraph (a) above, goods answering to a description in heading 2843, 2846 or 2852 are to be classified in those eadings and in no other heading of this section.
2. Subject to note 1 above, goods classifiable in heading 3004, 3005, 3006, 3212, 3303, 3304, 3305, 3306, 3307, 3506, 3707 or 3808 by reason of being put up in measured doses or for retail sale are to be classified in those headings and in no other heading of the tariff schedule.
3. Goods put up in sets consisting of two or more separate constituents, some or all of which fall in this section and are intended to be mixed together to obtain a product of section VI or VII, are to be classified in the heading appropriate to that product, provided that the constituents are:
(a) Having regard to the manner in which they are put up, clearly identifiable as being intended to be used together without first being repacked;
(b) Entered together; and (c) Identifiable, whether by their nature or by the relative proportions in which they are present, as being complementary one to another.
Additional U.S. Notes
1. In determining the amount of duty applicable to a solution of a single compound in water subject to duty in this section at a specific rate,
an allowance in weight or volume, as the case may be, shall be made for the water in excess of any water of crystallization which may be
present in the undissolved compound.
2. For the purposes of the tariff schedule:
(a) The term “aromatic” as applied to any chemical compound refers to such compound containing one or more fused or unfused
benzene rings;
(b) The term “modified aromatic” describes a molecular structure having at least one six-membered heterocyclic ring which contains at
least four carbon atoms and having an arrangement of molecular bonds as in the benzene ring or in the quinone ring, but does not
include any such molecular structure in which one or more pyrimidine rings are the only modified aromatic rings present;
(c) For the purposes of headings 2902, 2907 and 3817, the term “alkyl” describes any saturated acyclic hydrocarbon group having six
or more carbon atoms or, subject to note 1 to chapter 29, any mixtures of such groups averaging six or more carbon atoms.
3. The term “products described in additional U.S. note 3 to section VI” refers to any product not listed in the Chemical Appendix to the Tariff Schedule and–
(a) For which the importer furnishes the Chemical Abstracts Service (C.A.S.) registry number and certifies that such registry number is
not listed in the Chemical Appendix to the Tariff Schedule; or
(b) Which the importer certifies not to have a C.A.S. registry number and not to be listed in the Chemical Appendix to the Tariff
Schedule, either under the name used to make Customs entry or under any other name by which it may be known.


2801 fluorine, chlorine, bromine & iodine
2802 sulfur, sublimed or precipitated, collodial sulfur
2803 carbon, nesoi (including carbon black)
2804 hydrogen, rare gases and other nonmetals
2805 alkali metals etc, rare-earth metals etc, mercury
2806 hydrogen chloride, chlorosulfuric acid
2807 sulfuric acid, oleum
2808 nitric acid, sulfonitric acids
2809 diphosphorus pentaoxide, phosphoric acid etc
2810 oxides of boron, boric acids
2811 Inorganic acids & inorganic oxy nonmet comp nesoi
2812 halides & halide oxides of nonmetals
2813 sulfides of nonmetals, commercial phosp trisulfide
2814 ammonia, anhydrous or in aqueous solution
2815 sodium hydrox, potass hydrox sod or potass perox
2816 hydrox etc of magnesium, oxides etc strontium etc
2817 zinc oxide and zinc peroxide
2818 aluminum oxide (incl art corundum), alum hydroxide
2819 chromium oxides and hydroxides
2820 manganese oxides
2821 iron oxides & hydroxides, earth colors n/un 70% iron
2822 cobalt oxide & hydroxide, commercial cobalt oxides
2823 titanium oxides
2824 lead oxides, red lead and orange lead
2825 hydrazine etc, other inorg bases, metal oxides etc
2826 fluorides, fluorosilicates, fluoroaluminates etc
2827 chlorides etc, bromides etc, iodides etc.
2828 hypochlorites etc, chlorites, hypobromites
2829 chlorates etc, bromates etc, iodates etc.
2830 sulfides, polysulfides
2831 dithionites and sulfoxylates
2832 sulfites, thiosulfates
2833 sulfates, alums, peroxosulfates (per sulfates)
2834 nitrites, nitrates
2835 phosphinates, phosphonates, phosphates & polyphosp
2836 carbonates, peroxocarbonates, comm amm carbonate
2837 cyanides, cyanide oxides and complex cyanides
2838 fulminates, cyanates and thiocyanates
2839 silicates, commercial alkali metal silicates
2840 borates, peroxoborates
2841 salts of oxometallic or peroxometallic acids
2842 salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids nesoi
2843 colloidal prec metal, prec metal comp & amalgams
2844 radioactive chemical elements & isotopes etc.
2845 stable isotopes and compounds thereof
2846 rare-earth metal compounds of yttrium or scandium
2847 hydrogen peroxide, whether/not solidified w/ urea
2848 phosphides, excluding ferrophosphorus
2849 carbides
2850 hydrides, nitrides, azides, silicides & borides
2851 inorganic compounds nesoi: liq air: amalgams nesoi


2901 acyclic hydrocarbons
2902 cyclic hydrocarbons
2903 halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons
2904 hydrocarbon derivatives, sulfonated, nitrated etc
2905 acyclic alcohols & halogenat, sulfonatd etc derivs
2906 cyclic alcohols & halogenatd, sulfonatd etc derivs
2907 phenols, phenol-alcohols
2908 phenol or phenol-alcohol deriv, halog, sulf etc
2909 ethers, ether-alcohols, alcohol peroxides etc.
2910 epoxides with a 3 memb ring & halog, sulfon etc
2911 acetals and hemiacetals with or w/o other oxy func
2912 aldehydes, its cyclic polymers, paraformaldehyde
2913 halogenated, sulfonated etc der of aldehyde compounds
2914 ketones & quinones & halogenatd, sulfonatd der etc
2915 sat acyclic nonocarbox acid & anhyd, halogen etc
2916 unsat acyclic & cyclic monocarbox acid & anhyd etc
2917 polycarboxylic acids & anhyd etc, halog, sulf etc
2918 carboxylic acid, added oxygen & anhy etc, hal etc
2919 phosphoric esters & salts, lactophosphates etc.
2920 Esters of inorg acids & salts, their halog etc der
2921 amine-function compounds
2922 oxygen-function amino-compounds
2923 quaternary ammonium salts etc, lecithins etc.
2924 carboxyamide-function comp, amide-function com etc
2925 carboxyimide-function comp, imine-function com etc
2926 nitrile-function compounds
2927 diazo-, azo-, or azoxy-compounds
2928 organic derivatives of hydrazine or hydroxylamine
2929 nitrogen function compounds nesoi
2930 organo-sulfur compounds
2931 organo-inorganic compounds nesoi
2932 heterocyclic compounds, oxygen hetero-atom(s) only
2933 heterocyclic comp, nit hetero-atom, nucleic acids
2934 heterocyclic compounds nesoi
2935 sulfonamides
2936 provitamins and vitamins & derivatives & intermixs
2937 hormones, derivatives & steroids used as hormones
2938 glycosides, natural or synth & salts, ethers etc.
2939 veg alkaloids, nat or synth & salts, ethers etc.
2940 sugars, chem pure (except sucrose, lactose, fructose)
2941 antibiotics
2942 organic compounds nesoi


3001 glands etc dry & ext, heparin, hum etc subst nesoi
3002 human blood, animal blood, antisera, vaccines etc
3003 medicaments nesoi of mixtures, not dosage etc form
3004 medicaments nesoi, mixed or not, in dosage etc fm
3005 bandages etc coated etc or in retail medic etc fm
3006 pharmaceutical goods (specified sterile prod etc.)


3101 animal/veg fertilizer, mixed/not/chemically treated
3102 mineral or chemical fertilizers, nitrogenous
3103 mineral or chemical fertilizers, phosphatic
3104 mineral or chemical fertilizers, potassic
3105 m or ch fertilizer, n/un2of3el, fert nesoi, fert pack


3201 tanning ext of veg origin, tannins & its salts etc
3202 syn org & inorg tanning subst, tan prep, enz prep
3203 coloring matter of vegetable or animal origin
3204 syn org coloring matter & prep, syn org brit agent
3205 color lakes, preparations based on color lakes
3206 coloring matter nesoi, coloring prep nesoi, etc.
3207 prep pigments etc for ceramic etc indust, frit etc
3208 paint & varnish from synth etc polymers nonaq, etc
3209 paint & varnish from synth etc polymers aqueous md
3210 paints & varnishes nesoi, water pigments for leather
3211 prepared driers
3212 pigments nonaq liquid etc for paint, st foil, dye etc
3213 artist colors etc in tablets, tubes, jars etc.
3214 glaziers putty, resin cements, caulking comps etc
3215 ink, printing, writing, drawing etc, concen or not


3301 essential oils, resinoids, terpenic by-products etc
3302 odoriferous mixtures as raw materials for industry
3303 perfumes and toilet waters
3304 beauty, make-up & skin-care prep, manicure etc prp
3305 preparations for use on the hair
3306 preparations for oral or dental hygiene
3307 personal toilet etc prep nesoi, shaving, bath etc.


3401 soap, organic surf-act prep for soap use, bars etc
3402 organic surf-act agents, preps & cleaning preps
3403 lubricating preps, antirust & treating textiles etc
3404 artificial and prepared waxes
3405 polishes & creams for leather, wood etc, scour prp
3406 candles, tapers and the like
3407 modeling pastes for child etc, dental impr comp etc


3501 casein, caseinates and other casein derivatives
3502 albumins and albumin derivatives
3503 gelatin & deriv, isinglass, glues, animal or nesoi
3504 peptones, other proteins & deriv etc, hide powder
3505 dextrins etc, glues based on starches, dextrin etc
3506 prepared glues & adhesives nesoi, glue retail pack
3507 enzymes, prepared enzymes nesoi


3601 propellant powders
3602 prepared explosives other than propellent powders
3603 safety fuses, detonating fuse, percussion caps etc
3604 fireworks, signalling flares, rain rockets etc.
3605 matches, except pyrotechnic articles
3606 ferrocerium & other pyrophoric alloys, etc.


3701 photo plates & film, flat, sensitized, unexposed
3702 photo film in rolls sensitized, unexposed
3703 photo paper, paperboard & textiles, sens, unexposed
3704 photo plates, film, paper, etc, exposed, not develop
3705 photo plates & still film, exposed & developed
3706 motion-picture film, exposed and developed
3707 photographic chemicals, unmixed prod retail packed


3801 artificial graphite, collodial graphite & prep etc
3802 activated carbon etc., animal black, inc spent
3803 tall oil, whether or not refined
3804 residual lyes from wood pulp mfr (except tall oil)
3805 turpentine etc, crude dipentene, pine oil etc
3806 rosin & resin acids etc, rosin spirit etc, run gum
3807 wood tar, vegetable pitch etc & similar preps
3808 insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides etc, retail
3809 finishing agents etc for textiles, paper etc nesoi
3810 pickling preps for metal, soldering etc powder etc
3811 antiknock preps & other additives for mineral oils (including gasoline) or for other liquids used for the same purposes as mineral oils
3812 prepared rubber accelerators, compound plasticizers nesoi and antioxidizing preparations and other compound stabilizers for rubber or plastics
3813 prep & charges for fire-extinguishers etc
3814 organic composite solvents & thinners, nesoi
3815 reaction initiators & acceler & catalytic prep nesoi
3816 refractory cements, mortars, concretes, etc. nesoi
3817 mixed alkylbenzenes & mixed alkylnaphthalene nesoi
3818 chem elem doped, used in electron, discs wafers et
3819 hydraulic brake fluids/liq for hydraulic trans etc
3820 antifreezing preparations & prepared deicing fluids
3821 prepared culture media for devel of microorganisms
3822 composite diagnostic/lab reagents, except pharmaceutical preparations of heading 3002 or 3006
3823 Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids; acid oils from refining; industrial fatty alcohols
3824 binders made for foundry moulds or cores; chemical products and preparations, including residual products, of the chemical or allied industries