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Description HS CODE
Ginger, saffron, turmeric (curcuma), thyme, bay leaves, curry and other spices... 0910
Cereal groats, meal and pellets... 1103
Bread, pastry, cakes, biscuits and other bakers wares, whether or not containing cocoa; communion wafers, empty cachets of a kind suitable for pharmaceutical use, sealing wafers, rice paper and similar products... 1905
Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included... 2106
Waters, including mineral waters and aerated waters, containing added sugar or other sweetening matter or flavoured, and other non-alcoholic beverages, not including fruit or vegetable juices of heading No 2009... 2202
Natural magnesium carbonate (magnesite); fused magnesia; dead-burned (sintered) magnesia, whether or not containing small quantities of other oxides added before sintering; other magnesium oxide, whether or not pure... 2519
Crude oil from petroleum and bituminous minerals... 2709
Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, other than crude; preparations not elsewhere specified or included, containing by weight 70 % or more of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals, these oils being the basic con... 2710
Other inorganic acids and other inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals... 2811
Hypochlorites; commercial calcium hypochlorite; chlorites; hypobromites... 2828

Top Imported products

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